Wordiness and love

When my girls were little, I remember my mother cautioning me that I should be careful in my reprimands and keep them short and to the point. I’ve decided that’s even more important advice for parents of teenagers. She used to say, “Don’t use a paragraph when a sentence will do.” Well, all my life I’ve struggled with being able to keep things short and to the point. My voice messages ramble on and on, and then finally end with, “…well, just call me back.” I prefer voice-typing my text messages because it just takes too darn long to thumb-type all I want to say. In high school, one of my favorite classes was AP English and I loved to write. I honestly never remember getting a paper back that didn’t have the word “wordiness” scrawled across a paragraph or two in bright red ink. I suffer from prolixity. I love to talk, love to write, love to share. Sometimes I overshare. And talk too much. And then repeat myself a time or two just to get the point across.

When I decided last February after having my very first article published in a local magazine that I was going to grow up to be a writer, my husband suggested that I practice my writing with a blog. I love writing, and he thinks I have some pretty awesome thoughts to share with the world. Lucky you. You’ve landed yourself in the middle of my writings. I love life and I love words. The wordier the sentences, and the more commas I get to use, the better. That article I wrote was supposed to fit in a space with 500-600 words. It got bumped a few months and turned into a resident feature article because I couldn’t tell our story in less than 1,700 words. Really. Welcome to my world. It’s prolixity. And love.

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